1.Details of the Film

Fictional Feature FilmFictional Short FilmDocumentaryAnimation

H264 HDDCP35 mmDVD PAL or BlurayColourBlack and white


3. Direction

4. Technical Team

5. Promotional materials and others

CD/DVD photographs of the film in TIFF or JPG format (300 dpi)CD/DVD with a trailer of the filmPress kitsPhotos, posters and/or brochures

6. 35mm copies

When sending copies in 35 mm : Rolls should be properly numbered and protected, and
include specific instructions for projection. The material should be sent with paid return.

Person responsible

7.Agreement for participation

Deadline for the physical submission of this form: 15 August 2019

La inscripción de una película en el Ciclo, implica el acuerdo total con el Reglamento.

Signature and stamp

Preinscription :

Preinscription is realized by sending the submission form by 30 July, 2019 to the following
email address:

Official submission:

Official submission takes effect with the sending of the signed form, the signed letter of
authorization (see final page), the DVDs (PAL) and other materials by 15 August 2019 

Enrique Bedoya

XI. MAFF - Viena 2019

BrünnerStrasse 31/2/34

A-1210 Wien


The package should be sent as a document containing the following remark: “Without
commercial value and solely for cultural purposes”

XI. Central American Film Festival – 15 to 22 November, 2019, Vienna

Letter of authorisation for the use of film material

Carta de autorización de uso de material fílmico

To whom it may concern/ A quien interese:

I herewith inform that the following DVD film material

Por medio de la presente informo la otorgación de derechos
de presentación del siguiente material fílmico

may be used for presentation in cultural events organized by the Non Governmental organisation “Papaya Media Association” and will not be used for commercial purposes.

en eventos culturales organizados por la organización no gubernamental “Papaya Media Association” realizados sin fines de lucro.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Muchas gracias por su cooperación.