Call for entries

XI. Ciclo de Cine Centroamericano - Viena, Nov 2019

XI. Central American Film Festival – Vienna, Nov. 2019

The XI. Central American Film Festival will take place from 15 to 22 November 2019 in the city of Vienna, Austria.

Papaya Media Association, organizer of the event, invites filmmakers to present their works for the pre-selection of participants in the XI. Film Festival for both the official competition as well as the parallel sections. The submission of works for the selection process is free of charge, the deadline is 30 July 2019; details on how the works should be presented are explained in the rules of participation.

The rules of participation as well as the submission form are available for download below to participants of the XI. Central American Film Festival – Vienna, November 2019. The submission form must be filled out and sent to: Submissions may be sent to the above mentioned email address, or uploaded to the platforms Movibeta and Festhome.

The Central American Film Festival of Vienna, an event which has become a tradition in this city, is now institutionalized. This city is without a doubt one of the most important cultural cradles in the world and provides a great framework for the presentation of ever more interesting productions from the Central American region.

The festival will take place during the usual dates in November with the hope that our loyal audience will continue coming. The public will again be able to view the most recent works of Central American film.

As in previous years, there are parallel non-competitive sections, namely "Pioneers of Central American Cinema”, “Works in Process", "Guest Film", "Bonus Films" and "Latin American View". These are a selection of Latin American works that Illustrate the reality of its inhabitants. All these sections are duly explained within the rules of participation.

The guest country of honor for 2019 is Mexico.